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The Tokugawa Memorial Foundation carries out the following programs in order to achieve the above mentioned objectives.

  1. The preservation, administration and exhibition of objects of historical significance, including documents, books, works of art, crafts, calligraphy, everyday and ceremonial ware, and costumes.
  2. The leasing and reproduction of the objects mentioned in (1)
  3. Research on Tokugawa- and Imperial- Japan and collection of relevant material.
  4. Promotion of studies on Tokugawa Japan through
    1. awarding the Tokugawa Prize for the best academic book on Tokugawa Japan published by Japanese authors in the preceding year
    2. awarding the Tokugawa Scholarship for promising doctoral thesis research by graduate students of Japanese universities
  5. Contribution to continuing education through
    1. delivering lectures by Foundation staff
    2. organizing classes on the interpretation of Japanese historical documents
  6. Publication of the output of the above mentioned activities (1) (4) and (5)
  7. Other activities as deemed necessary to achieve the above