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The Treasures of the Tokugawa Shoguns
2004 June 13 to July 11, Hamamatsu City Art Museum

040613.jpg This exhibition was auspicious for us in two ways: Hamamatsu is a city important in the life of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Also the exhibition commemorated the Lake Hamana Flower Exposition, whose main theme was "Peace," which made it an ideal setting for one to look back upon the Tokugawa centuries, which are widely known as a period of exceptional peace and civility.

The exhibition included the personal belongings of Tokugawa Ieyasu kept at the Kunosan Toshogu Shrine in Shizuoka, calligraphy and pictures by the subsequent Shoguns, the beautiful kimono and utensils used with affection by the Shogunal Consorts and the Ladies of the O-oku, the dolls presented to Princess Kazu, the sister of Emperor Komei who married Iemochi, the 14th Shogun.

In addition, rare, old books of the "Aoi Library," managed by the Shizuoka Prefecture Central Library, are on display here. The "Aoi Library" is a collection of books the Tokugawa Shogunal Household and former Shogunate officials brought with them upon their transfer to Shizuoka by the new Imperial Government after the Meiji Restoration. The whole collection was subsequently donated to Shizuoka Prefecture authorities.

Some 14,000 people visited this exhibition.